Monday, November 25, 2013

A Cliché Thanksgiving Post

     During this time of year, it seems rather cliché to say something about appreciating and being thankful for your spouse.  It’s probably even more cliché to say something like, “And we need to be mindful to vocalize our appreciation all year ‘round, and not just at Thanksgiving.”  Yeah, it is cliché.
     But here’s the problem.  We either laugh at the cliché or we resent it, but both responses are because we know that in our overly busy lives, it is far too often true.  Think about it.  When was the last time you thanked your mate for putting up with your oddities (yep, you have some)?  When was the last time you thanked your spouse for an encouraging word?  For helping you with something?  For loving you unconditionally?  For listening?  For your sexual relationship?  For a hug when you needed one?  For caring enough to tell you to lay off too much dessert?  For laughing with you?  For challenging you to do better?  For holding you accountable?  For helping you to understand something?  For taking time off just to be with you?  For watching your favorite movie with you, even if they hate it?  For sharing a dessert?  For a phone call or text, just to say “I’m thinking about you”?  For a home-cooked meal?  For a date night?  For being a good parent to your children?  For holding your hand?  For believing in your dreams?  For dreaming with you?  For making life sweeter and more bearable because of how they treat you?  For praying for you and praying with you?
     And as you contemplate whether or not you’ve thanked your mate for doing those things for you, also consider whether or not you’ve given him/her a reason to thank you for the same.
     Yeah, it's cliché.  Now go do it.


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