Monday, December 23, 2013

The Christmas Story in Marriage

     “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.”  That’s John’s version of the Nativity.  He doesn’t give us Joseph’s perspective like Matthew does, or focus on Mary like Luke does, and he doesn’t just skip past that part altogether like Mark.  Instead, John gives us one sentence.  God became like us.  Not for His sake, but for ours, so that we can not just know, but actually participate in the Christmas storyChrist dwelling among us!
     How does Jesus —the eternal, creative, kind, loving God— make his dwelling among you and your spouse in your marriage relationship?  We decide every day if we’re going to live as a part of God’s story, or if we are going to try and write our own story.  The problem is, when we write our own story it’s usually filled with selfishness, animosity, isolation, deceit, blame, and brokenness.  God’s story, on the other hand—a story written in the person of Jesus Christ and continually lived in his disciples—is a story of love, forgiveness, reconciliation, grace, truth, peace, and joy.
     Living in God’s story doesn’t always come easy.  It doesn’t usually come naturally.  But when we give up ourselves for the sake of Christ and for the blessing of our mates, we become a part of the greatest story ever.  We become a part of the story that began before creation, became like us in every way on the first Christmas, continues in our marriages today, and will reach into eternity.
     In marriage, every day is Christmas.  At least we should be trying our best to make it so.

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