Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Today's blessing

     Have you blessed your mate in some way today?  I’m not talking about expensive gifts or elaborate trips or anything like that.  I’m talking about the simple blessings of life.  The things that make everyday living a pleasure.  While big things are nice from time to time, when you consciously and intentionally strive to bless your mate in some way every day, you strengthen the bonds that build trust, intimacy, and joy in your marriage.
     You might not do the same things every day, but think about things you can do for your mate consistently that communicate love, intentionality, selflessness, and most of all a joy in seeing him/her happy.  What can you do that will be meaningful to your spouse?  Some possibilities might include:

  • Let your mate hear you pray for him/her out loud
  • Make sure her car has a full gas tank
  • Do one of his normal chores
  • A prolonged kiss
  • Turn off the TV/ computer/ smart phone/ etc. for at least a few minutes every day to connect with each other
  • Fix her favorite dessert
  • Put a note in his lunchbox praising him for something
  • Give her a 2-minute back rub in the morning
  • Say “thank you” for the things your spouse does, even if they are expected
  • Make each other laugh
  • Vow to not criticize your spouse for a week
  • Take care of the kids to give your spouse a break
  • Clean the kitchen when the other one cooks
  • Ask how her day was, and really listen
  • Buy him something he probably wouldn’t buy for himself (again, it doesn’t have to be expensive)

The list could go on and on.  When you notice that your spouse did something that was a blessing to you, let him/her know.  Acknowledgement and gratitude usually fosters more of the same goodness.  However, be careful not to let the blessings your spouse gives you become expectations.  If you begin to see it as an expectation rather than a blessing that is freely given, then if he/she ever stops doing a particular thing, it can open up the door for resentment and failure to see the other blessings that are present in your marriage.
     If you establish an environment of blessing each other’s lives, when conflicts arise, they can be easier to handle because the desire to be a blessing to each other will be the normal state of your marriage.
     Take a minute now to figure out how you are going to bless you mate today, and please share in the comments section some things your mate has done to bless you. 

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