Friday, July 11, 2014

Marriage: A Blessed Promise

Yesterday was an exciting day! My second book, "Marriage: A Blessed Promise" came out. The book covers 13 topics with discussion/reflection questions after each section.  The topics covered include:
  1. Is What You See Really What You Get?
  2. Not Just Loved-Cherished!
  3. The Power of Play
  4. Interrupted
  5. I Love You in 140 Characters or Less
  6. Great Expectations
  8. Lines in the Sand
  9. The "Hot" Light is On
  10. That Dirty Little "S" Word
  11. Can't Buy Me Love
  12. Forgive and Forget?
  13. Till Death Do Us Part: A Blessed Promise
While many of the thoughts in the book originated in this blog, the topics have been revisited, expanded, and revised to further illuminate God's design and desire for couples to have blessed, Christ-centered marriages.
     The book is designed to be flexible.  It can be used as a personal devotional guide for couples, as a curriculum for small groups, a weekend couples' retreat, or for a Bible class of any size.
     And best of all, it is only $3.75 per copy.  It can be ordered at this link  If you are using it for a retreat, small group, or Bible class, and need visuals, a downloadable PowerPoint will also be available soon.
     I hope this resource will be a blessing to your marriage and will be something that you can pass along to other couples.

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