Thursday, August 11, 2016

A dozen ways to bless your mate...

  1. Figure out one specific thing that he/she needs in order to
    feel like he/she is the priority in your life.
  2. Send a card, or text, or make a call to an in-law to let your mate’s family know how much your mate blesses your life.
  3. Share information about your day without having to be prodded or asked.
  4. Give a sincere compliment.
  5. Take care of a chore your spouse normally does.
  6. Let your spouse hear you praying for something specific that is important to her/him.
  7. Ask his/her opinion about something, and really listen.
  8. Be still long enough to hold each other for a moment.
  9. Share something funny.
  10. Lay aside all technology for an evening focused solely on each other.
  11. Initiate an activity your mate enjoys doing, even if you don’t.
  12. Pray for God to change you, especially during times of conflict.

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  1. this is an informative article. very important for new couples. I love it. please keep it up