Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Marriage-Friendly Church?

What is the church's role in facilitating and encouraging healthy, godly, Christian marriages?

Is your church really saying what you think you're saying in regard to marriage?
Does scripture have more influence on couples in your congregation or does the culture?
Is your congregation proactive or reactive when it comes to marriage?
Is there anything fundamentally different from the world’s experience of marriage in the way your church teaches about marriage, equips couples for marriage, and provides the means for couples to have Christ-centered marriages that help grow the Kingdom of God?
Is a healthy theology and practice of marriage a part of the fabric of who you are as a congregation?

Are you sure?

My new book, The Marriage-Friendly Church, is a means for churches to honestly assess where they currently are, find a strong, biblically-based foundation from which to grow their marriage ministry, and discover relevant, proactive ways to help couples use their marriages in God's Kingdom.

It is my adamant prayer that God will use this book to help churches everywhere reclaim Christian marriage as a vibrant part of the DNA of who you are as a congregation.

 The Marriage-Friendly Church is currently available from 21st Century Christian Publishing
(There is also an accompanying workbook available, The Marriage Ministry Team Workbook;

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