Friday, May 17, 2013

The little things matter

  • Letting “I love you” be the very first thing he hears when he wakes up in the morning.
  • Letting “I love you” be the very last thing she hears when she goes to bed at night.
  • Taking the time to pray with each other, not just for each other.
  • A five minute shoulder rub.
  • Putting down the smart phone or laptop or turning off the TV when your spouse wants to talk.
  • Picking flowers for her.
  • Telling him he’s a good husband.
  • Making his favorite dinner.
  • Giving your mate a kiss before you leave for work.
  • Sharing your dessert.
  • Making yourself look nice for your mate.
  • A hug.
  • Holding hands in public.
  • Saying complimentary things about your mate to others.
  • Sitting down to a meal together as often as possible.
  • Letting your mate know he/she is safe to be honest and real around you.
  • Doing chores that are tasks your spouse normally does.
  • Making eye contact when you talk.
  • Filling up her gas tank so she doesn’t have to.
  • Hiding a love note you know your spouse will find later in the day.
  • Telling her you’re glad you’re married to her.
  • Letting kind, loving words be the norm rather than critical or sarcastic communication.

     In our rushed world, it’s too easy to forget the little things.  But the little things often communicate love, honor, respect, kindness, and intimacy in big ways.  It is the little things that join us to our mates in powerful ways.  For most couples, life doesn’t slow down, so take the time to talk to your mate about the little things he/she does that really mean something to you.  Then, you won’t let the joy of marriage run right past you by ignoring the little things that really, really do matter.


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