Friday, March 23, 2012

A Month to Celebrate (take the challenge)

     Too often we define our lives by the negative things that happen to us. This trend spills over into marriage too. We concentrate on a disagreement, or on a child who is having excessive difficulties. We let a bad day at work push us into irritability with our spouse. We let money troubles keep us shaken up, or become angry when household chores aren’t done. While those types of things, big and small, do need to be taken care of, if we’re not careful we can allow them to steal our joy in marriage.
     For one month, challenge yourself to find every reason you can to celebrate with your spouse. Celebrate a job promotion. Celebrate a blooming tree in your yard. Celebrate a day off. Celebrate a new flavor of ice cream. Celebrate a child making progress (even if it isn’t as much as you want). Whether it is truly important or superficially silly, the more you celebrate God’s goodness in your life and the more you celebrate with your spouse, the better your relationship will be. And, the more you allow things worth celebrating to take center stage, the more bearable the tough times will be.

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